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Just having a website is not nearly enough. You need to know who is visiting your site and what your visitors do when they visit it. You want your visitors, of course, to be your customers, but you can convert your visitors to customers if you don’t know anything about them.



Content is king — you need quality information about the goods and/or services you sell and you need to keep it current and post about it often enough to be seen as a good website in the eyes of the search engines and thus in the eyes of your potential customers — but there are also quick and easy ways to make your site easier to find by folks searching for the right place to buy the goods and services you offer.

 responsive web design


More than 30% of all website traffic and more than 15% of all online orders now come from visitors using either mobile devices (smart phones) or tablet computers (iPads). Responsive design means that your website looks and works differently depending on the size of the screen on which it’s being seen. You don’t want visitors with tiny screens to have to zoom in and scroll around on your site to find (with any luck) your contact info or a clear and easy way to buy from you.



Ever been held hostage by a web designer or developer? You need to make updates to your site, but you don’t know anything about HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, or other languages used to build websites. So you ask whoever built your site to make some simple changes, but guess what? They are too busy, so you just wait. Using the WordPress platform enables your to make quick and easy changes to the content of your site without requiring you to know anything about the code that makes it look and work like it does. This means you can add products, change prices, update specials, add new locations when you open branches, post news items to keep your customers informed and your site relevant to search engines, etc.